WorldView Photography | Frames and Mats


    Frame Group A offers our best value and provides a tasteful finish to any WorldView image:
        A-1  Mahogany Vignette      A-2  Contoured Mahogany     A-3  Metropolitan     A-4  Faux Sharkskin

    Frame Group B provides a more refined touch to your WorldView image selection:
        B-1  Contour Ebony     B-2  Silver Elite     B-3  Designer Mahogany     B-4  English Chestnut

    Frame Group C presents your WorldView image in our most impressive setting:
        C-1  Red Burl     C-2  Sloped Burl     C-3  Gilded Georgian     C-4  Distressed Burl

MATS: Choose from one of our three acid-free double mats: Mist, Grey or Ivory.

GLASS: We offer standard, reduced glare, reflection-free or museum glass to meet your personal needs.

FRAMED ART PRICING: After selecting a frame, mat and glass for your image, contact us directly.