A few words from satisfied WorldView customers ...

"I have remembered many of the things you taught me with composition and controlling the exposure, but one thing that I force myself to do is to look at the scene before I commit to setting up the tripod and shooting. Rather than walking up to whatever it is and start snapping away, I walk around and think about what I want to do and look for the best perspective and angle of light. When I have the patience and slow it down, I end up with better (and fewer) shots. Thank you for that!"  Thomas - Charleston, West Virginia

“I went on two of John's trips earlier and enjoyed them so much that I was eager to take another trip in 2014. His knowledge and his contagious enthusiasm for this magnificent area make for a fun experience and great photos.”  Bill - Stillwater, Minnesota

“I would go anywhere with WorldView. They really cared about my success and I noticeably improved my composition skills during the trip. I photographed some truly remarkable places.”  Susan - Eugene, Oregon

“My trip with John and his crew was very rewarding for me. I can reccomend WorldView to photographers at any level. He’ll really take good care of you and make sure you get the shot.”  Stephan - Frankfurt, Germany

"The trip definitely exceeded my expectations!"  Vivien - Jakarta, Indonesia