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John Stottlemyer has always known he would be an artist. He had his first "one-man show" at his elementary school when he was seven years old. John graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA in drawing and painting and worked in advertising and marketing communications as an illustrator, graphic designer, creative director and product photographer.

John shot his first travel images of Spain and Morocco when he was twenty years old and became passionate about photography after exploring the Colorado Plateau. He was instantly captivated by it's magnificent color and form, visual diversity and fascinating history. Also at this time, he became inspired by the work of Michael Fatali, David Muench and Jack Dykinga, leading fine art landscape photographers of the southwest. John currently conducts photographic workshops and custom instructional trips in the canyonlands of northern Arizona and southern Utah. He also teaches workflow and composition for film and digital photographers and has recently published his first coffe table book titled Faces of the Grand Plateau, available in print through and as an e-book (by the same title) on the iPad, through Google Books or Kobo.

John finds his subjects in Europe, The Mediterranean, North Africa and North, Central and South America. Besides dramatic southwestern landscapes, he loves the character of old Europe and seeks every opportunity to find new locations and interesting subjects. He is also fascinated by the indigenous cultures of Central and South America.

John loves to talk photography and will readily tell you it is all about light, timing and composition. He carefully studies the way light defines his subject matter and often returns many times to a location before it's right. John states his personal strength is thoughtful composition and spends a long time moving around his subject - often sans camera, to determine the optimum position before planting the tripod and releasing the shutter. He admits it can take hundreds of captures and many visits to a location before achieving an image worthy of publishing.

It is John's sincere hope that his work inspires you to travel and enjoy the wonderful destinations he cares so deeply about. Please don't hesitate to contact him directly. He'll answer any questions you have and gladly share his stories about your favorite image or photographic destination.